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Lilium Connecticut king

Lilium Connecticut king


This was the first lily I ever grew in 1999. The beauty and elegance of this 1967 hybrid bred in the USA in Connecticut by the firm Stone and Payne sparked my interest in the lily genus. It is unique among hybrids in its beauty and lime-green leaves and very thin petals. These are characteristics of the mid-century hybrid. 


It used to be very common from the 60's up until the early 2000's when it sadly disappeared from nurseries, catalogues and garden centers. Nowadays only a handful of bulbs remain in certain private collections. If you find bulbs they are generally very expensive indeed. 


Easy to grow in any well-drained soil, however it is understandable that it has slowly been dropped from production in favor of more sturdy hybrid varieties. Indeed Connecticut king's vigor will eventually decrease as the years pass by. It can also occasionally be completely wiped out by virus from one season to the next.