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Lilium distichum

Lilium distichum


Its a pleasure to offer this stunning species from Tibet, Manchuria and Korea. Not the easiest of species to find and to grow, however, it has been grown sucesfully in Gothenburg botanical gardens now for decades, in half shade in their peat beds in half shade. These beds are made up of equal parts granitic sand, peaty humus rich soil and a few handfulls of fine granitic grit and pine needles.

It also has a fabulous scent, very hard to dexcribe, extremely spicy and fragrant. 20-120 cm's tall, flowers in June/July. Nice full size bulbs. Just like lilium medeoloides, to which it is related, it makes very fragile bulbs, so please handle these carefully during transplanting.


*These are specimen size bulbs for the species, more or less the maximum size this small bulb species can reach.