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Lilium gloriosoides

Lilium gloriosoides


Considered by many as the most beautifull lily in existance, this chinese and japenese species is unique. Its superb, large flowers are intensly coloured in deep red, with a green throat. Flowers late, in august. During 2014, I discovered the best way to grow this sp which can be a bit tricky, which was as follows : 


1 – Plant the bulb 5 cm’s deep in a typical plastic long tom pot, at least 15-20 cm’s deep, in a mix of 60-70% alkaline soil, but very airy soil, that does not get too compact or soggy, and 30% ericaceous mix. A very small amount of pine needles or extremely fine bark chippings can be added, but it is not necessary.

2- Build a raised bed in half shade, that is at least 40-50 cm’s deep, ideally with a few planks of wood, or even logs that will hold the soil in place.

3- Put gravel or bark chippings at the bottom of the bed for drainage

4 – Fill it with good fluffy humus or similar, soil that will again not get too compact.

5 – Plunge the glorosioides pot 5-10 cm’s deep in this bed, at the centre, to limit temperature variations

6 – Make sure the plant never dries out totally, neither gets too wet over summer and in winter. In spring it does seem to enjoy good rains when starting into growth, which is quite late, usually in April/May.


This is almost never available anywhere, and this may be a last chance to get a few bulbs, as there will, most likely, be no more after this very small batch of bulbs i have managed to get my hands on.