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Lilium primulinum burmanicum

Lilium primulinum burmanicum


A wonderfull little sp from China, this is slightly similar to poilanei from Vietnam, as the sp are closely related. However, seen side by side, they are different. Here, primulinum tends to have slightly smaller flowers, with petals completely recurved and of a thicker texture. The name primulinum is derived from the fact that it has primula yellow flowers.

It is also slightly easier to grow that poilanei, which is very sensitive to rot and considered borderline hardy.

It does very well here planted in raised beds with humus rich soil and fine bark chippings and perlite incorporated for drainage.

Be aware that this sp emerges very late, often in june/july, and then grows fairly quickly, to flower in august/september on stems 40-130 cm's tall here.

It goes dormant very late, so to keep them green as long as possible, I protect them with winter protective mesh/bubble wrap as soon as the first frosts are forecast. Reputed tender, this has not been the case here, as the raised beds where frozen at -6°c, but bulbs survived with a thick mulch and plastic cover to keep excess rain away, and also increased in size.