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Polianthes tuberosa

Polianthes tuberosa


Polianthes tuberosa is often considered the most fragrant of all bulbs. The fragrance is reminiscent of a mix of jasmine, gardenia and citrus blossom. This plant has therefore been used for centuries in the perfume industry in the south of France.  


The only problem with this gem is that it is monocarpic, meaning that the main bulb dies after flowering leaving behind small offsets which eventually bloom in a few years. However this is not always guaranteed. It is therefore recmmended to buy every year single large flowering sized bulbs and consider this an annual plant that dies after flowering. If your bulb however does not flower the first year then do not discard the bulb because it WILL flower in the following year(s). 


Other colours (pink and yellow) are available upon request. Please preorder these before March every year. A Mexican native, this has proven hardy here at -8°C in a well-drained rockery. Flowers in August/November to 60cm tall.