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Rare Bulbs!


A nursery specialized in rare and unusual bulbs and plants from all around the world, with a special focus on lily species and hybrids, arisaemas, and cardiocrinum. Nursery with a showgarden in Peroy, Switzerland. Can be visited upon appointment from March to November.



Best Sellers

Nerine bowdenii

Lilium regale

Arisaema sikokianum

Pontus Wallstén

Pontus Wallstén is the owner-operator of the nursery.  He is an expert and published author on the subject of lilies, with over two decades of experience in growing and nurturing rare plants species.

  C. giganteum    A. belladonna "Johannesburg"   Allium globemaster

Fermeture annuelle du jardin d'exposition et date définitive de réception des commandes : 

Dimanche 5 novembre 2023

Les journées bulbes (à la nurserie) se tiendront cet automne, en fonction de la météo : 

  • du vendredi 29 septembre au dimanche 1er octobre de 11h à 17h et

  • du vendredi 6 au dimanche 8 octobre de 11h à 17h 

  • ou pendant la semaine uniquement sur RDV



The swiss postal system has now changed, involving a lot of extra administrative work and higher postage and packing costs per box. Therefore, for INTERNATIONAL orders, a minimum order value of CHF 100.- (excluding postage costs) is now required.

Postage & packing cost for Europe priority registered mail fixed cost: 50 CHF

Frais de port & d'emballage prioritaire recommandé fixe pour l'Europe: 50 CHF

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April 2022 - currently 187 unique plants and bulbs (and two books) for sale in the online shop! 84 different lilies currently available!

Nursery news and announcements
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Events and Open Days

Important dates and times for upcoming nursery events and information on local plant shows in Switzerland. Look forward to yearly Spring and Autumn bulb days and open days! 


Gallery of rare bulbs throughout the years


Browse Pontus Wallstén's complete gallery of rare bulb and plant photos taken throughout his years as a nurseryman (in botanical gardens around the world, his old and new show gardens and more). 


Publications and books


The most illustrated and one of the most complete guides on the lily species. A 252 page identification guidebook on the lilium species, with photographs of 113 of the 115 or so existing lilium species worldwide, as well as pictures of 69 different sp bulbs, for ID purposes. The book also contains extra chapters illustrating the rarer species not currently in cultivation, as well as articles and contributions from various lily growers from all around the world, on various aspects of lily growing or finding rare species in the wild. 

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Photographs on this website have mostly been taken by Pontus Wallstén, however additional photographs have also been kindly contributed by the following photographers and botanists: Steve Garvie, Tony Willis, Göte Svanholm, Anita Wallstén, Rimmer De Vries, Gene Mirro, James Nikitine, Matt Buckingham, Sonia Holm, David Boufford, Chris Gardner and Alan Mitchell, as well as Wikimedia Commons opensource.

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