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Press visits the Nursery

Article by Isabelle Erne written in July 2010 for the local wildlife and horticultural newspaper Terre et Nature.


Hester McDonald from World Radio Switzerland visits the nursery in April 2013 for one of her radio shows Dig it! (click below on first audio file to listen to this show)

Pontus Wallstén in the WRS (World Radio Switzerland) radio studios in April 2013.

Journalists Mathilde Jarry and James Nikitine admire a 3.5 m tall cardiocrinum giganteum in bloom at the nursery show garden in June 2015.

Isabelle Erne, Swiss press journalist admires a huge stem of lilium x black beauty in August 2015.   

Yves Mouquin and Isabelle Erne, Swiss newspaper journalists, visit the nursery in May 2018 for an in depth reportage.

Frontpage teaser for the in-depth reportage (see above) in local Swiss newspaper le Journal des arts et métiers in September 2018.

Local newspaper photographer Sigfredo Haro snapping away at the nursery and show garden lilies in July 2020.

Part of article by Jocelyne Laurent from local swiss newspaper La Côte.

Radio Shows

Dig It! presenter Hester McDonald from World Radio Switzerland visits Pontus Wallsténs nursery in April 2013 to interview him about rare hardy bulbs.

Listen to experts Martial Peau, Pierre-André Magnin and Pontus Wallsten discuss biological gardening and pest prevention on the WRS show Dig It! from March 2013

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