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Chlidanthus fragrans

Chlidanthus fragrans


Its a great pleasure for me to be able to offer this rarity after almost 20 years of tracking it down again. Indeed this Latin American bulb which produces yellow flowers strangely fragrant of celery has been rarer in cultivation over the past 15 years. Indeed around the year 2000-2001 it used to be common in the bulb section of garden centers, but then somehow mysteriously disappeared. I grew this myself back in 2001 and since have only been able to find it during plant exchanges and swaps. 


In the past this was often sold as a tender bulb, however after many years of growing it it has survived -8°C here. It thrives in a very well drained gritty raised bed in full sun with just a mulch of pine bark or perlite in the winter. Flowers in May/June on stems only 15-20cm tall and therefore ideal for a raised bed. 

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