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Lilium candidum

Lilium candidum


This is the oldest known lily in cultivation, dating back to the 16th century and found on paintings of Ancient Rome. It was also used to make the first ever recorded lily hybrid, lilium x testaceum, obtained by crossing lilium candidum with lilium pomponium. Candidum is quite a peculiar lily, unlike any other, and to have sucess in growing it, you must be aware of this, and its specific requierments.

Unlike most lilies, the large bulb needs to be planted almost at ground level, in a chalky, slightly dry soil (it is a mediteranean species after all), the large pointed bulb only covered by about 5 cm's of soil. It is summer dormant and winter growing, and therefore usually goes dormant straight after flowering, in july, to then reemerge in late august with a fresh rosette of leaves which sit at ground leverl and persist untill spring. it is from this rosette that teh flower stems start emerging in march. It is fully hardy, but appreciates a wet winter in a spot with excellent drainage, and protection from strong winds and the coldest of frosts. Once established and if it likes its growing location, it will multiply quickly and remain for years, flowering each year in june/july with its highly fragrant flowers.

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