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Lilium martagon

Lilium martagon


The species lily with probably one of the widest distribution ranges of the whole genus, which spans from the south of France all the way to Russia, passing by Scandinavia and the Balkans. Can grow to 180 cm's tall when well established. Produces charachteristical yellow bulbs, which, in time can get quite large.

Beware : lilium martagon bulbs sold in garden centres in autumn and spring in plastic bags with sawdust are often of very poor quality. Unlike lilium hybrids which can tolerate being out of the ground for a few weeks, lilium martagon bulbs do not. They dessicate very easilly after only a few days if not kept in moist soil or peat in between plantings. These are nice, potted plants, most of which will flower next year. They have been raised from seed in cultivation in the UK, they are NOT wild dug plants from the swiss jura mountains.

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