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Lilium monadelphum

Lilium monadelphum


A fabulous lilium species from the caucasus mountains and turkey, with large, scented yellow turkscap flowers in early summer. The huge bulbs resent disturbance, and often sulk for a whole year after being planted in a new site. This is normal for the species, the bulb is settling in, and establishing a new root system, and may therefore only produce above grouund growth in its second year. As a lily grower freind once said "they just sit there"! They may take a total of 3 years after planting before producing their first flowers, but, as another lily grower freind stated "they are worth the whait"! I couldnt agree more!

Sometimes confused with lilium zvitsianum (see other image). These species are sometimes sold mislabelled, but these bulbs have already flowered regularly and are in fact the true sp, perhaps even the subsp var armenaum. It is easy to tell monadelphum and svitzianum apart, from the fact that monadelphum has fairly pointed bulbs, a bit like large eggs, with purple or white thin scales. Svitzianum on the other hand has rounded bulbs with large thick scales which are yellow.

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