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Nerine "Red Pimpernel"

Nerine "Red Pimpernel"


Its a great pleasure for me to be able to offer this excellent hybrid that I used to grow back in 2008. It is a hybrid of nerine sarniensis and has therefore inherited quite a lot of the excellent traits from that species while maintaining a hybrid vigour. It is therefore pretty much identical to sarniensis with its large sparkling red flowers on sturdy stems and blue-grey leaves during the winter.


Very easy to grow in pots in any well drained, gravely soil mix. Just as nerine sarniensis, this is however a tender bulb and therefore will die below 0°C. It is therefore recommended in colder areas to grow them in pots and bring them into a protected and frost-free location during the coldest winter months. Flowers in October/November to 60cm in height. 

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