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Rhodophiala bifida pipinas

Rhodophiala bifida pipinas


Rhodophiala bifida pipinas is a fabulous dark wine colored form of Rhodophiala bifida. It is said to have originated from the area of Las Pipinas in Argentina.


Its just as easy to grow as the other forms in any well-drained gritty sandy soil in full sun or half shade, however it does prefer a tall raised bed or a fairly deep border because in time the bulbs plunge themselves downwards in the soil down to 40cm in order to protect themselves against heat in summer and frost in winter. The very round bulbs often therefore end up with very long distinctive bulb necks out of which their leaves and stems will appear.


All rhodophiala tend to bloom in late summer following thunderstorms including this one thus giving it the name "Hurricane Lily" in the United States. 

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