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Sprekelia x homoissisima 'Lowe Down'

Sprekelia x homoissisima 'Lowe Down'


This is one of the most showstopping plants in my entire nursery showgarden. The flowers on this sprekelia howardii hybrid are gigantic, the size of a human hand. It produces huge bulbs which have the advantageous property of blooming several times a year, so getting a flower spike in Spring, Summer and Autumn from the same huge bulb is not uncommon. The bulbs produce offsets at a fairly rapid pace and these flowers from even a young age. Hardiness has not yet been tested in view of its etreme rarity although my bulbs survived an acceidental -2 degrees celsius without any harm over several days. It is however recommended in view of its rarity to dig up the clumps every year before the frosts and store them dry in pots in your cellar over winter and replant them in the spring.


This stock is extremely limited and once they sell out it will be many years until I can offer it again. 

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