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Tecophilea cyanocrocus

Tecophilea cyanocrocus


This is one of the most intensely flowered blue bulbs you can possibly find in the bulb world. Native to Argentina where its natural habitat has been under threat for decades by grazing and farming. Believed to be almost extinct in the wild, however botanists have been discovering surviving populations over the past decades. It is however now well established in cultivation. 


Fabulously fragrant fruity violets in February/March. I have seen this growth succesfully outside in Geneva botanical garden in raised bed rockeries in full sun with no apparent protection, however in view of its very early flowering season they are best grown in pots kept just above freezing in order to grow slowly but steadily from November onwards. They can be protected from sudden frosts while at peak bloom. Grows easily in any well drained gritty soil in pots. 

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