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Urginea maritima

Urginea maritima


Now called Drimia Maritima, this plant has gone through several name changes through the years, from Scilla maritima, to Urginea Maritima, and now Drimia Maritima! Whatever the name, it is nevertheless a stunning bulb. Similar to an eremurus, it produces long spikes of white flowers in autumn, which emerge from a huge bulb, sometimes larger than a football!


NOTE : December 2011, it seems as if though scilla maritima 'red squill', which is the variety that i offer, is hardy after all. It has now stood outside in its pot, unprotected since the beginning of winter, and has had -1, -3 and now -6°c followed by snow and ice covering it, but does not seem to be bothered by this. The leaves are intact, and the half exposed bulb has not suffered either. I would therefore consider this fully hardy in the ground, in a well drained, gritty spot in full sun from now on.

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